GSV: Geological Survey of Victoria   Geological Survey of Victoria



SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1952 : 2D_ON Avon (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1954 : 2D_ON Darriman (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1958 : 2D_ON Latrobe Valley (State Electricity Commission of Victoria) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1959 : 2D_ON Latrobe Valley (State Electricity Commission of Victoria) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1960 : VELOCITY Rosedale 1 (APM Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1961 : 2D_ON Rosedale (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1961 : 2D_ON Survey 47-1 (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1984 : MAGNETIC Barracouta-Whiting Test (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1984 : MAGNETIC Stockyard (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=BMR1984 : MAGNETIC Warragul-Sale (Bureau of Mineral Resources) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GA64 : 2D_ON Seaspray (ARCO Ltd.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAG84A : GRAVITY (Straits Oil & Gas Limited) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAO39A : MAGNETIC Lakes Entrance (Austral Oil Syndicate N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAOD68A : REFRACT_ON Tarwin (Alliance Oil Development Australia NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAOD70A : 2D_ON Tarwin (APM Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAP85A : GRAVITY (Arena Petroleum) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAP88A : 2D_ON GAP-88A (Arena Petroleum) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAP88B : 2D_ON Lakes Entrance-89 (Arena Petroleum) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAPM63A : REFRACT_ON Gormandale (APM Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAPM66A : GRAVITY Rosedale (APM Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAPM68A : 2D_ON Toongabbie (APM Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAW62A : 2D_ON Sale Extended (ARCO Ltd.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GAW62A : 2D_ON Sale Supplement (ARCO Ltd.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GB81A : 2D_ON Loch Sport (Beach Petroleum NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GB82A : 2D_ON Loch Sport (Beach Petroleum Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GB83A : 2D_ON Bengworden (Beach Petroleum NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GB83A : 2D_ON GB-83A (Beach Petroleum NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GB85A : 2D_ON Bengworden Detail (Beach Petroleum NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GB85A : 2D_ON GB-85A (Beach Petroleum NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GBA01A : 2D_ON (Bass Petroleum Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GBA99A : 2D_ON Yarragon (Bass Petroleum Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GBB02C : GRAVITY Falcon Gravity (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GBB02C : GRAVITY Gradiometer (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GBB02C : GRAVITY Lakes Entrance (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GBR-85A : GEOCHEMICAL (Base Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCR87A : 2D_ON Monkey Creek (Crusader Resources NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCR87B : 2D_ON Kangaroo Swamp (Crusader Resources NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCR87C : 2D_ON Seaspray (Crusader Resources NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCR89A : 2D_ON Stringy Bark (Crusader Resources NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCR91A : GEOCHEMICAL (Crusader Resources NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCRP90A : GEOCHEMICAL Boundary Creek (Cluff Resources Pacific Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCRP90A : GEOCHEMICAL Burong (Cluff Resources Pacific Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCRP90A : GEOCHEMICAL Glenwood Park (Cluff Resources Pacific Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCRP91A : 2D_ON Boundary Creek (SAGASCO Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GCRP91A : 2D_ON GCRP-91A (SAGASCO Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GGEE10 : Electro-Magnetic Latrobe Valley (Greenearth Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GGEE10 : Electro-Magnetic Magneto-Telluric Geophysical Survey (Greenearth Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GHG84A : GRAVITY (Hartogen Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GHG85A : 2D_ON GHG 85A (Hartogen Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GHG85A : 2D_ON Rosedale (Hartogen Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GHG87A : 2D_ON Carr Creek (Hartogen Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GHG87A : 2D_ON Carrs Creek (Hartogen Energy Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GKG05 : 2D_ON GK05 (KAROON GAS PTY LTD) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GKG05 : 2D_ON Korumburra (KAROON GAS PTY LTD) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GLO00A : 2D_ON Kullingral (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GLO00B : 2D_ON Yarram (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GLO04A : GRAVITY East Lakes Entrance (Lakes Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GLO07A : 3D__ON Wombat 3D (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GLO96A : GRAVITY Kalimna (Lakes Oil N.L.) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GM81A : 2D_ON (Mincorp Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GM82A : 2D_ON Bairnsdale (Mincorp Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GM82A : 2D_ON GM-82A (Mincorp Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GM83A : 2D_ON Forge Creek (Mincorp Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GM83A : 2D_ON GM-83A (Mincorp Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GMPV97A : 2D_ON Experimental (Dept. of Nat. Res. & Environment - Govt. of Victoria) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GMPV97A : 2D_ON GMPV97 (Dept. of Nat. Res. & Environment - Govt. of Victoria) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GMPV97A : 2D_ON Sale (Dept. of Nat. Res. & Environment - Govt. of Victoria) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GOR87A : GEOCHEMICAL Alkane (Ocean Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GOR87A : GEOCHEMICAL Soil Gas (Ocean Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GOR88A : 2D_ON Bairnsdale-Freestone (Ocean Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GPN89A : GEOCHEMICAL Stradbroke (Poseidon Oil Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSG91A : 2D_ON GSG-91A (SAGASCO Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSG91A : 2D_ON GSR91A (SAGASCO Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSG91A : 2D_ON Traralgon (SAGASCO Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSG92A : 2D_ON GSG-92A (SAGASCO Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSR82A : 2D_ON Balook Dome (Sion Resources (Australia) Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSR82A : 2D_ON GSR-82A (Sion Resources (Australia) Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSR82B : GRAV_&_MAG Balook (Sion Resources (Australia) Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GSR82B : GRAV_&_MAG Yarram (Sion Resources (Australia) Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GT87A : GEOCHEMICAL (TCPL Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GT88A : 2D_ON Traralgon (TCPL Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GT88B : GEOCHEMICAL Alkane (TCPL Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GT88B : GEOCHEMICAL Soil Gas (TCPL Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GT89A : 2D_ON East Sale (TCPL Resources Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GV84A : GEOCHEMICAL (Base Resources Limited) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GV84B : GEOCHEMICAL (Base Resources Limited) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GV84C : GEOCHEMICAL (Base Resources Limited) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GW74A : GEOCHEMICAL Bairnsdale (Woodside Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GW74A : GEOCHEMICAL GC179 (Woodside Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GW74A : GEOCHEMICAL Lakes Entrance (Woodside Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GW74A : GEOCHEMICAL Sale (Woodside Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWS60A : 2D_ON Bairnsdale-Sale (Woodside (Lakes Entrance) Oil Company No Liability) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWS61A : 2D_ON Sale Lake Wellington (Woodside Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWS65A : 2D_ON Paynesville Vibroseis (Woodside (Lakes Entrance) Oil Company No Liability) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWS65B : 2D_ON Woodside Paynesville (Woodside Oil NL) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWS66A : GRAVITY Stockyard Hill (Woodside (Lakes Entrance) Oil Company No Liability) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWS69A : 2D_ON (Woodside (Lakes Entrance) Oil Company No Liability) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWY69A : GRAV_&_MAG Bemm River (WYP Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=GWY70A : REFRACT_ON Bemm River (WYP Development Pty Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=MGS-80 : GEOCHEMICAL (Mincorp Ltd) SEIS_SRVY_NAME=MSI-80 : GEOCHEMICAL Adjacent Area (Mincorp Ltd)