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aboutdbmap 01 0010 The dbMap database is an Oracle RDBMS PPDM-compliant off-the-shelf aboutdbmap 01 0011 database created for DPI by Petrosys Pty Ltd. aboutdbmap 01 0020 The dbMap software is used by oil companies worldwide to manage and access petroleum data. aboutdbmap 01 0030 aboutdbmap 01 0040 The dbMap database allows DPI to search for and physically (or electronically) locate data. aboutdbmap 01 0050 aboutdbmap 01 0100 This database is a GIS-style database on steroids -- with aboutdbmap 01 0101 added functionality for petroleum data management. aboutdbmap 01 0102 It has Oracle Spatial GIS capabilities combined with aboutdbmap 01 0103 an in-depth PPDM Oracle database. aboutdbmap 01 0110 dbMap allows DPI to accurately and efficiently manage data in the following main areas of functionality: aboutdbmap 01 0120 - Titles : petroleum titles management, including historical temporal and aboutdbmap 01 0122 spatial management, compliance monitoring, and confidentiality. aboutdbmap 01 0130 - Wells : petroleum wells, locations, and technical data. aboutdbmap 01 0140 - Surveys : geophysical surveys, including correct management of datums for aboutdbmap 01 0141 seismic navigation data. aboutdbmap 01 0150 - Assets : reports, maps, tapes, CDs, logs, seismic sections. aboutdbmap 01 0160 - Culture : coastlines, facilities, pipelines, roads, rivers. aboutdbmap 01 0170 dbMap also allows for data access to other types of data and databases. aboutdbmap 01 0171 This multi-connect functionality allows dbMap to spatially and textually grab data aboutdbmap 01 0172 from other databases and integrate the results. aboutdbmap 01 0180 aboutdbmap 01 0200 The dbMap database is a critical element in the management of petroleum data in DPI. aboutdbmap 01 0210 The petroleum data managed by DPI is extremely voluminous and valuable: aboutdbmap 01 0220 - DPI have several warehouses full of this petroleum data. aboutdbmap 01 0230 - the number of individual asset items managed runs into the hundreds of thousands. aboutdbmap 01 0240 - the types of data vary from computer tapes, hardcopy, disks, logs, sections, and maps. aboutdbmap 01 0250 - most of the collections date from the 1960s to the 2000s, but some records go back to the 1920s. aboutdbmap 01 0260 - the records are recorded on a very wide variety of electronic and analog media types. aboutdbmap 01 0270 - the re-acquisition value of this data is many billions of dollars. aboutdbmap 01 0280 aboutdbmap 01 0300 The dbMap database requires upkeep and care to both populate the aboutdbmap 01 0301 database and prevent/correct quality problems. aboutdbmap 01 0310 At the present time, the dbMap Assets database does not contain the following: aboutdbmap 01 0322 - Reports and maps and onshore sections held at the DPI Werribee warehouse. aboutdbmap 01 0323 - Data not yet submitted to DPI. aboutdbmap 01 0324 - Data that DPI has not yet had a chance/time to enter into the database. aboutdbmap 01 0326 - Data that is not yet scanned. aboutdbmap 01 0331 - Reports that reside in Kestrel Information Management warehouse. aboutdbmap 01 0332 other words, this catalogue is incomplete. aboutdbmap 01 0333 other words, there is data that explorers will not be able to know about. aboutdbmap 01 0334 aboutdbmap 01 0335 ....the idea of cataloguing is to make this data more available to the public. aboutdbmap 01 0341 aboutdbmap 01 0370 There are a considerable number of well, seismic, titles, culture, and aboutdbmap 01 0371 pipeline technical datasets that could also be entered into dbMap. aboutdbmap 01 0372 This would require resources that are not presently allocated to these aboutdbmap 01 0373 potential very valuable tasks. There are also presently few resources aboutdbmap 01 0374 allocated to the maintenance of this petroleum database. aboutdbmap 01 0380 The dbMap Titles database may not have the most recent information! aboutdbmap 01 0381 - an example of this is that the spatial outlines of historical permits may not all be populated into dbMap. aboutdbmap 01 0382 - an example of this is that the current (or recent) permits may not be in dbMap. aboutdbmap 01 0390 aboutdbmap 01 0500 The following data may not be accurate or complete or up-to-date: aboutdbmap 01 0510 - cores and cuttings information listed may not be complete; aboutdbmap 01 0511 some wells may have samples that are not listed. aboutdbmap 01 0520 - the data from PIMS may be incomplete due to the incomplete linkages or date-of-PIMS dump. aboutdbmap 01 0600 aboutdbmap 01 0610 The purpose of the petroleum database and data repository is to: aboutdbmap 01 0612 - enforce and oversee the various laws, regulations, guidelines, data management plans aboutdbmap 01 0613 that are required for petroleum data. aboutdbmap 01 0620 - allow for the use of perusal of the data by others, not just the petroleum companies. aboutdbmap 01 0620 - allow the free flow of information that a market based economy requires. aboutdbmap 01 0620 - help the DPI obey the laws that bind its own actions. aboutdbmap 01 0622 - reduce rework by companies by making previous company results available. aboutdbmap 01 0630 - increase the spread of information and knowledge of petroleum data. aboutdbmap 01 0640 - reduce the likelihood of market failure, and increase commercial competition. aboutdbmap 01 0650 - reduce the likelihood of information asymmetry. aboutdbmap 01 0660 - make investment in Australia easier for key decision makers. aboutdbmap 01 0670 - increase the effective attractiveness of Australia as an investment destination. aboutdbmap 01 0672 - have a positive and long-term effect on the economy as a whole. aboutdbmap 01 0680 - make it easier for commercial enterprises to achieve success compared to other countries. aboutdbmap 01 0690 - allow petroleum explorers access to data that is critical to their business. aboutdbmap 01 0691 (this petroleum data, being both expensive, logistically complex, and time consuming to acquire aboutdbmap 01 0692 is not at all easy to replicate or do without. aboutdbmap 01 0693 Individual petroleum explorers are unable to acquire less expensive and aboutdbmap 01 0694 logistically easier data. Petroleum explorers, being inherently aboutdbmap 01 0695 quite office-based tend to be very dependent on data acquired by others) aboutdbmap 01 0696 (this petroleum data, being quite voluminous, is also inherently aboutdbmap 01 0697 difficult to transmit in its entirety, unlike lower volume data. aboutdbmap 01 0698 This means that the management and data package creation and data supply aboutdbmap 01 0699 is more piecemeal, even though the data volumes delivered to a customer are very large) aboutdbmap 01 0700 aboutdbmap 01 0701 About this dump from the DPI dbMap database: aboutdbmap 01 0702 This dump has been created by use of Perl-DBI scripts that interrogated the Oracle aboutdbmap 01 0703 database directly, without going through the dbMap application software. aboutdbmap 01 0704 This dump was produced by the following series of actions and scripts: aboutdbmap 01 0705 - SQL querying of the database to extract ASCII data aboutdbmap 01 0706 - Sorting of each ASCII file by alphanumeric sorting aboutdbmap 01 0707 - Searching for string patterns in each file that were then transformed into each hyperlink aboutdbmap 01 0708 - Creating a HTML header and footer wrapper aboutdbmap 01 0709 The above process takes up to 2 weeks of non-stop computer time. aboutdbmap 01 0821 The directory structure of the HTML files somewhat mirrors the main modules in dbMap: aboutdbmap 01 0822 - well, srvy, line, permit, assets, images, assets_x aboutdbmap 01 0830 - well = petroleum well and deep stratigraphic/water borehole information aboutdbmap 01 0840 - srvy = petroleum seismic and other geophysical survey information aboutdbmap 01 0850 - line = petroleum seismic line information aboutdbmap 01 0851 - field = petroleum fields information aboutdbmap 01 0851 - permit = petroleum titles information aboutdbmap 01 0860 - assets = petroleum assets (tapes, logs, maps, seismic sections, diagrams, reports) aboutdbmap 01 0870 - assets_x = tab delimited ASCII spreadsheets of assets for each well and survey aboutdbmap 01 0880 - images = various images files and some ASCII files aboutdbmap 01 0893 The images directory generally contains static (non changing) files that are not updated aboutdbmap 01 0894 every script run. The files in the images directory may be ASCII, binary, HTML, or image files. aboutdbmap 01 0895 aboutdbmap 01 0896<--The numbers on the side of the text files help the correct sorting of the ASCII lines. aboutdbmap 01 0897 aboutdbmap 01 0898 If you see hyperlinks to TIF, JPEG, PDF or other digital files that DO NOT work, then these aboutdbmap 01 0899 are indications of what DPI has already scanned. In other words, not all of the hyperlinks may work. aboutdbmap 01 0910 The accuracy of some of the information contained in this dump is dependent upon aboutdbmap 01 0911 the original dbMap database accuracy. If you wish to obtain greater reassurance aboutdbmap 01 0912 regarding specific data, then you may wish to ask DPI to query the database manually and directly. aboutdbmap 01 0940 aboutdbmap 01 0942 aboutdbmap 01 0948 aboutdbmap 01 0949 aboutdbmap 01 9950 HYPERLINKAGES COPYRIGHT_DISCLAIMER HOW_TO_GET_OR_SUBMIT_DATA aboutdbmap 01 9999 This data has been dumped from Victorian Govt (GSV ) dbMap database on 23-FEB-12